Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Abnormality in Me

Look at your hands, both hands…are they the same?
They are the same, cause they got fingers, nails and palms.
This is how I eat, baby!

What if both hands are exactly the same?
That's why the chicken chop is still there, I don't know how to cut it..

Are you normal then?

The question is, why god didn't make two right hands for you? Why do they come in pairs but not exactly the same?
Cuz you complete me!

Being normal is like being like most of us as human being, being something different physically or mentally is kinda abnormal. But not all normality is good, nor abnormality is. Sometimes it’s not by choice.

Being “normal” in your sexual orientation is somewhat defined by you having an affectionate feeling with a sexual desire towards the other species, opss I mean the opposite gender …

So what if a guy became attracted to another guy? Isn’t that gay? Isn’t that not normal?

Of course not. How come that’s normal? If that’s normal, what make us? Us, who like (I mean attracted) to the opposite gender? Ohh ok now you’re talking about wider options, broader view, much bigger frame for definition of conventional law of attraction in love.. okay.. Ohh more point for you to add; about freedom of being what you really are..what makes you happy to be yourself..that it’s not your choice..that you were born with it..blame god…

Do you know what robber is? What murderer is?

What if one of them (I mean either robber or murderer) kills your beloved boyfriend (err I'm talking to you gay..) ?

And you caught him… You were about to kill him in revenge for your she-male boyfriend’s death (or maybe she-male-like). Then the helpless dying murderer (cuz you beat him up pretty badly) cried and begged for your mercy…trying to make you understand that he did that cuz he was meant to do that.. that he was born to be your “cute” boyfriend’s reaper.
Born this way babe..born to eat you alive..what's wrong with becoming my meal?
“It wasn’t a choice… I was born to be a killer..a have to understand..i did not chose to be this way, I just can’t throw away this feeling, the desire..of killing a beautiful she-male!! I enjoyed it, I am just being what I was born to Gaga said,”

And singing the Gaga’s anthem…

“I'm beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track
Baby I was born this way.”
Why can’t you tolerate that??

Hey you gay, I am pretty sure you can tolerate that..

“WTF?? Is this girl stupid or retarded? How can she compare us (gay) to criminals?? Plain idiot!!” one angry homo’s tweeted in his mind..

Ohh yah he is a criminal..what made him a criminal?

“He breaks law!!! WTF is wrong with you?”

Which law?

“Duh??????? Human law? Government law?? Humanity’s? Societies? Who gave him rite to take away other’s life? He just kills without reasons! He just killed my innocent boyfriend!!”

Your innocent boyfriend? Do you really actually know what define innocence?

If killing people is a crime.. why is there wars? Why there are cops and why there are electric chairs in prison?

“Punishment… They deserve to die.. cuz they are criminals.. They break rules, they hurt people..and we never support war..”

What about law of reproduction?

“Ohhh is there such a law?? Oh come on…we can still have babies even if both of us spurt out sperms.. That is what a surrogate mother for..”

Oh my god…this is ENDLESS…

Technology! Today we got surrogate mother, the next day we’ll start accepting clone baby, clone pets.. but don’t eat animals!! THAT’S SICK!!! (please sense the sarcasm) *Do take note that I do respect people who are vegetarian solely because of their religion,no other reason,and I don’t support animal torture too!)
What exactly are you promoting? Gimmick?

Man I don’t hate them ,I don’t promote hatreds on them, eventho I can’t really accept them..but things are getting pretty severe nowadays and kinda make me breathless.. kinda sickening with this open’s like too much of them, and everywhere! What’s even worse is they are proud of who they are (thanks to Gaga again~) and they are accepted by this so-called (or self-called) CIVILISED-OPEN MINDED-LIBERAL society..

Wandering around youtube and I can’t help to notice many of somewhat war-comments on videos, that usually started for example by a person who was just making a joke (with no serious hate-promote intention) on a video by saying ;

“LOL that is gay!!”

I totally got what he meant by calling the video gay eventho the video had nothing to do with homosexualities or she-male, or anything like it. It was just a comment to say how lame, or sick, or retarded or watever the video was. But here came some replies ;

“ Hey Richard, what’s wrong with being gay?”

”This video is totally for fun, why are you promoting hatred and violent here??” or something like that..

WTH? Gays are pretty sensitive, I mean overly sensitive, and kinda get extremely emotional, like wth~~

Those comments show how saying gay or pointing out gay is somewhat so serious, and scolding gay in a way of teasing, sarcasm etc is so WRONG, whilst being or practising gay is unbelievably so RIGHT ! (wow I spelled right right this time~)

Again, I don’t despise them, but I don’t encourage accepting them, you are encouraging them, you are not helping them at all.. When I said I can't accept them and discourage them, I never mean they deserve hatred, curse and violent oppression.. or anything like this:

this is practically doable, yet not recommended
But like I said earlier, if normal people who have two hands, two feets, two eyes and ears.. outnumbered by handicapped people who might have one hand one feet or one eye.. who would be called normal then? *(again I am not saying being handicapped is wrong, why do I have to justify each paragraph~)

Are you ready to become “abnormal”?

P/S:Since many of my friends said they cant really understand what i'm trying to say here, i think what i'm trying to express here is somewhat similar to the idea of this ustaz's:
Lebih dahsyat benda mungkar dianggap normal, manakala orang yang mencegahnya dianggap ganjil. Mungkar menjadi normal dan biasa kerana ia bukan sahaja berlaku secara berleluasa, bahkan dipromosikan dengan begitu hebat oleh media yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Lantas, manusia prihatin yang mahu mencegah mungkar terpaksa bermujahadah untuk membuka suara bagi mencegah mungkar.-Ustaz Fathi Yusuf
It's even worse when a sinful deed is considered normal, while the person preventing it appeared to look odd. Sinful deed become normal and usual not just because it is practiced widely and openly, but also because it is being grandly promoted by the irresponsible media. Thus, the concerned and responsible individual who wants to prevent this sinful deed have to be really careful in finding the most unprovocative way to voice it out.

That's what i meant by asking you reader, are you ready to become "abnormal'?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gemuk je Huduh, Kurus je Cantik..Ye ke?

Sapa cakap camtu ha? Sapa? Sapa?? Habaq mai sat!!
Aiseh, ni macam nak halau readers dari blog aku je..(dah la tak ramai pon hakhak)

Beginilah.. bebaru ni aku mendapat komen dari seorang jejaka (aiceceh)… Dia bagi komen yang baik je la pon, then aku balas “eh dah berisi balik dah ni.. naik beberapa KG ni taw..” then dia balas.. "yeke? tipu a..nampak cun jer…”

Hey hey takde motip nak cakap aku cun okeh!

Cuma frasa terakhir balasan beliau tu triggered me to question, adakah asal badan naik je, makna kata gemok la kan, mesti tak cun?? Adakah? Adaaakahhh?

Sebab pada aku, people come in different size and shape..Nevertheless that’s not an excuse for you to take ur health for granted okeh.. You can still be healthy eventho ur not made of only skin and bone.. am I rite? Of koz im rite~~

Tak semestinya gemok (bukan obese eh) mesti tak cun, tak semestinya kurus mesti cun.. Kalau dah dasar cun, memang la cun.. Kalau da dasar tak cun, memang takkan cun, tapi semua ciptaan tuhan cun-cun belaka..Cun tak cun di mata manusia hanya sebab ikut taste masing-masing, atau sebab their mind or perspective/definition of beauty are shaped by the media.. Bila artis kurus melidi dikatanya seksi, bila ada lemak sket je dah kena panggil gemok.. ada ka patut?

Entry aku ni nak mengagungkan 2 wanita tak kurus, tapi cun…Wanita jelita cukup makan dan zat yang pertama ialah tak lain tak bukan, pojaan aku sekarang,  Adele
Some people think I'm mad?? Mad beautiful!

Beliau memang ngah feymes bangat skang ni…Show merata..dapat perform kat Royal Albert Hall lagi.. nampak matang walaupon umo baru 23.. ada orang cakap sebab dia gemuk tu yang nampak tua.. but for me, kalau dia kurus pun, memang dia akan nampak that matured becuz dia memang seorang yang matured; at the age of 16 lagi dia da buat lagu yang top melambung-lambung dekat chart kowt.. Korang boleh? Aku pon tak boleh~~
“As soon as I got a microphone in my hand, when I was about 14, I realised I wanted to do this,” she says. “Most people don’t like the way their voice sounds when it’s recorded. I was just so excited by the whole thing that I wasn’t bothered what it sounded like.”-Adele Official Website

Umo 14 da masuk BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, menunjukkan yang memuda lagi dia da tahu apa dia minat, apa yang dia nak buat lam hidup dia..

Lagu dia yang first main kat radio Malaysia tak lain tak bukan Rolling in the Deep.. Masa memula dengar aku ingat wanita black, sebab sora cam power gilak je..then one day aku tanya one of my frens apa lagu best skang, then this friend of mine introduced her to me (cewah!). Dia copy the whole album kasi aku, (piracy issue here~)

Layan gilak la semua lagu beliau..selain that top hit,aku suka Set Fire to the Rain, Rumour Has It, Someone like You, and Take It All (yang paling sadis). Bila dengar mesti sebok nak sing along, padahal sora hampeh, terkincit je bila sampai high notes (ala understandable la aku tak masuk kelas vocal kot~)
Cun kan kan?

Bila da feymes ni biasa la..kalau dapat peminat mesti dapat haters sekali punyela..pakej dah tu.. So si haters yang suka keseksian artis yang berlandaskan gimik semata seperti AHHH takmau sebut…(sendiri pikir..) of coz la takleh terima Adele yang tak menepati ciri-ciri bintang porno opss bintang Hollywood yang lain.. Pelbagai ejekan diterima, panggil dia McD addicts lah, perli dia konon too fat sampai takleh gerak bila nyanyi asyik duduk la dan macam-macam lagi la.. well just let haters keep hating..

But come on la, just admit it.. compare dia dengan, let say Gaga… kita tengok muka dia je eh.. will u still say Gaga lagi cantek? Seriously bro?
pose nak sama je ye...fotografer punya keje la ni

Tanpa mekap..ho yeah!

Ok compare dengan Nicki Minaj?
come on come on~

Bagi aku dia still lebih cantek..bukan takat muka je..come on, some curve and flesh .. what’s wrong with that?

Ini kira ok, zaman album 19 dia dulu lagi gemok..start album 21 dia da busy buat show sana sini sampai tekak sakit kena bedah segala, tu yang da kurus sket..
kan da kurus sket tuh..

Ok enough about Adele, the next one is someone who had been called Queen of Food Porn (gila!), Nigella Lawson…

dengan kuasa cabai, akan mencabaimuuuu~~

“Renowned for her flirtatious manner of presenting, Lawson has been called the "queen of food porn"-Wikipedia

First tengok dia kat Asian Food Channel..orang suka makan macam aku memang suka tengok cooking show,hikhik~ Tapi memang chef-chef dalam AFC tu style-style ah, macam Chef Michael Smith, Robert Rainford etc.She is one (and only woman kot) that caught my attention in AFC,through her cooking show Nigella Bites (nama cooking show dia je da flirtatious abes).

Tanpa bergantung dengan latarbelakangnya iaitu famili orang-orang kenamaan,she start her career as a journalist, then jadi freelance writer yang tulis column pasal food mostly. ..sampaila ke tulis buku pon pasal makanan jugak. Beliau kemudian menggunakan bakatnya dalam bidang “menikmati makanan” untuk menjadi host cooking show sendiri iaitu Nigella Bites..

Cara dia masak, prepare the food in the show (yang dirakam kat rumah dia sendiri) sangat seductive, nampak sexy dengan lirikan mata beliau, senyuman yang killer abes tu.. cara dia enjoy the food..fuhhh..nampak sedap betul~~ kira boleh pakai jugak la teori aku bahawa nikmat dunia (dunia sahaja ye) ada dua, 1 seks (pergh) 1 lagi makanan… they are somewhat related to each other..hahaha~ joking okeh!

“Lawson's sexy roundness mixed with her speed-demon technique makes cooking dinner with Nigella look like a prelude to an orgy".- The New York Times.
The chef, Gary Rhodes, spoke out against Lawson by suggesting that her viewers are attracted to her smile rather than the cooking itself.-Wikipedia

The most interesting part is, beliau sebenarnya takda sebarang latihan sebagai chef atau pegi sekolah memasak ke apa, tapi dapat host her own cooking show, and become famous bcuz of it.. Cool giler..
51 years old, but still gojes

Tengok!! Perempuan-perempuan gemok ni memang selalunya menarik dan unik dengan wanita with typical look yakni kurus slim ala model konon padahal hidung tak cukup mancung pon (haha jahat!)

Namun begitu, gemuk selalu dikait rapat dengan attitude yang negatif..gemok je kena tuduh pemalas, kuat makan, tak disiplin, tak pandai jaga diri, mintak keja susah dapat, selalu jadi bahan lawak je..ada betulnya jugak gemok ni kekadang puncanya sendiri yang cari pasal, sendiri tanak jaga kesihatan,pemalas, tau makan tidor je..isk isk isk..takmo takmo~

Sekadar gemuk sikit-sikit chubby tu tapi masih sihat, what’s wrong with that lah kan? Aku penah sangat gemuk dulu, mana taknya sekali makan bedal segala atas meja atas pinggan, pinggan orang lain pon sapu.. tetiba tersedar dan mahu jadi dapatla kurus seperti normal tapi takde la kurus sangat, adala ilang dalam 20kg dengan cara yang sihat, tak main strict diet bagai okeh~
Pon begitu masih ada mulut-mulut ala longkang masih memerli lemak-lemak comelku..macam nak tonyoh muka dia dalam longkang je weh!Tapi takpe, I am still gojes and I know it..wakakaka!

Moral of this entry, yeap beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders..but jangan stereotypekan beauty atau ke-cun-an seseorang wanita (mahupon lelaki-ek elleh sebok je lelaki~) pada satu jenis atau bentuk sahaja.. Jangan biar diri anda di-brainwash oleh rancangan American Next Top Model..itu awek-awek aneroxia ok! Fizikal hanya fizikal..kalau suka perempuan hanya sebab cantik, ingatlah cantik tu tak kekal.. aiseh terkona topik plak..hihi!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jealous dan Dengki yang Melanda Diri ini..

Tajuk tah pape...

Kenapa tajuk sedemikian rupa? Tu tengok video tu... wawahhh bertuah betul pompuan comel ni, mentang-mentang comel sampai dapat laki best propose dia dengan cara yang jugak best camtu..hishhhh hissshhhhh dengki dengki!!!

Gua gurau je hihi... yelah jauh di sudut hati memang tipu la kalau cakap aku tak dengki... ni da macam lam drama kot.. sampai da timang cucu sok pon dorang mesti terkenang-kenang saat manis bagaimana bermulanya kisah chenta dorang yang sangat barakah ni.. bertuah badan...

Tak pasal-pasal je korang glamer eh..tapi memang patut glamer pon.. Moga-moga dicontohi ramai..
Dan kepada anda berdua (yang mesti tak mengenali diri ini, maklum la da glamer,hihi) semoga kekal bahagia ke anak cucu.. Dena oi, you are living the best dream a girl could ever live in..or even dream of.. darn