Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Australia and MH370

السلام عليكم

My life had changed abruptly since March 2014... cewaahhh.. the changes are:
  1. I left my job in Universiti Teknologi Petronas
  2. From a working professional I am now a student
  3. I left Malaysia and currently staying in Australia
  4. I took master in a different course, not that related to my degree but based on my new interest i gained from my working experience for the past 4 years.
  5. I sold my 3-year-old Muhamad Saga.. (it's my car's name..sob sob)
Ok.. so Alhamdulillah, what I want or look for all this while seems to be on its way to me, but of course I understand the future is not determined yet by what I am seeing now.. Sesungguhnya manusia hanya boleh merancang...

Kebetulan, flight aku ke Australia adalah pada 7 Mac 2014, pukul 11.45 malam..di mana MH370 berlepas sejam selepas aku...

It has been a week (lebih) that we are served daily with the never-ending mystery of our own Malaysia Airlines plane, the MH370 that went missing. So many speculations, even some are nonsense and obviously our government failed to handle it, i mean not failed to handle sampai hilang kapal terbang tu, but the aftermath, because i somehow think there is a hidden agenda or a deal made by some important people in our government with some big international power which could obviously be the US and then the deal perhaps went wrong so those dealers (our side) become gabra la, and the other party (could be the US) kind of betrayed our government becuz they themselves have their own agenda and as we learned from our history that our countries had lost a lot before achieving independence by the westerners a.k.a the "superior" white people for they are so manipulative and cunning, putar belit dan menjerat, datang konon nak membantu tapi..

"We come to help, listen to us, do this..." once the naive victim-to-be did what is told...
"Since what's done is done, now you need to...and as a hero to save the day, you gotta do this and this and we have the right to get this and this.."

aaaaand you see the result are the continuous provocation made by the US media in accusing Malaysia to hide information, slow in the search mission, even forcefully asked Malaysia to admit that it is a terrorist hijacking just after 2-3 days the plane went missing. They even take advantage to eagerly put their nose into our country's confidential stuffs by offering their help, as if the FBI is an angel of saviour or something..

And now this:

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Faham apa maksud kambing hitam? Kambing golek lain 
Don't you learn from the Hollywood movies?

Well that is just my opinion, watching too much Hollywood conspiracy-thriller movie sedikit sebanyak shape up my perspective i believe.. But well, I leave you people to your own judgement.. remember not to rely on one source and one source only...and stop spreading the unofficial news update about the plane, it would hurt the victims' families..

The best is to pray to god, may Allah swt save them all, and save the name of Malaysia and the pilot.. no one deserves such humiliation..

Except this bomoh..
Ohhhh can't it be more embarrassing than this? 
Hey newspapers around the world that makes this shaman famous as your headlines, we Malaysian Muslims did this (below) more than doing the superstitious ritual like that shaman (above picture)...

We perform congregational prayer or specifically called solat hajat in KLIA to ask for Allah swt guidance and assistance
These 2 pictures showing the prayer held in KLIA, there are many others who perform solat hajat at home and masjid.. The non-Muslims of Malaysia also pray in their own way..
I won't blame the non-Muslims who didn't understand and make fun of the shaman (bomoh) since they are non-Muslim, but I've heard some fellow Muslims in Egypt make fun of us Muslim in Malaysia, saying we believe in Syirik and superstition ...Muslim should support Muslim, the shaman doesn't represent the whole Malaysian Muslims...grow up..evolve!

Doa kami..


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