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Kong: Skull Island: Not Really A Review

I haven't write anything here for so long .. but today , I mean like just 5 minutes ago I was watching (re-watching actually)  Kong: Skull Island, a Hollywood movie if you are not aware, and thought that I want to write something that came across my mind while watching it. I watched it last night, late night actually and re-watch it this morning because I didn't really pay attention to the movie last night. What captured my attention, that makes me want to write this entry after a long time is that the character played by Samuel L Jackson. This time I love Kong, it was not portrayed as a pervert who has the hots for a white blonde like all the previous Kong's movies.. it's disturbing~

This is how Packard furiously looking at Kong smashing choppers and stamping his squad, like a boy looking at his mother ripping off his favourite toys or games but cant do anything about it..

This character, Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, is a leader of a Vietnam War helicopter squadron. So at the beginning of the movie you can see this character is really committed to his job as a soldier, or you can say he enjoys being in the army, and seems to love wars. Like in any movies, wars veterans or soldiers who had been to wars usually show signs of psychological damaged.. because it is war man, you kill, or be killed, constantly hunting to kill and constantly surviving, fighting back so that you won't be killed etc. Exhausting. Blood and gore, horrific sights of your friends' dead bodies, or civilians' in collateral damage.. just imagine, how can you possibly maintain your sanity?

You may have heard of psychological disorders associated with war, such as shell shock or 'Combat Stress Reaction' as it is otherwise known. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a diagnosis made by doctors on a regular basis for patients who have suffered major traumas such as rape or a car accident. It was due to soldiers of the Vietnam war that the disorder was discovered, yet their symptoms had been synonymous with war veterans from hundreds of years before.- Health Guidance

So this Packard guy shows all those kinds of symptom, something is definitely wrong somewhere with this dude. But beside that obvious scientifically-proven affected behavior of a war veteran, there is something more that he represents.

Well, in the movie you can see that when they first arrived to the unexplored island, they dropped some explosive mapping devices all over the island (with some rock music as the background to show that they were enjoying it). And as an audience you can see where this is going. They surely were interrupting whatever was inhabiting the island. So then as expected King Kong appeared furiously attacking them fatally. As the leader of the squad, Packard was seen to be so pissed off with Kong, because Kong killed most of the squad members by just merely smashing the choppers and stamping them dead.

This ape is behemoth, gigantic, vigorous and of course enraged when some intruders came and destroyed its territory. Compared to this little human by the name of Packard, Kong is way out of his league to fight with bare hands. But well as any other cunning human beings who always find their way to destroy anything on their paths for their own pleasure, this Packard guy was shown to be emotionally disturbed and challenged by the sight of his squad's defeat by Kong and appeared so revengeful.

Towards the end of the movie he was seen persistent to pursue his revenge to kill Kong although the other characters, specially the hero, "Loki" (read Tom Hiddleston) as James Conrad, a noble British air force soldier who is more rational and posses a healthier mind than Packard; understood well of Kong's reaction (which was to defend its island).

Packard almost got his revenge on Kong, like really close to almost winning, he managed to burn Kong alive, and planning to detonate it into pieces. That's how people like Packard find pleasure or self-satisfaction; vengeance. He ignored the fact that he and his squad first came into Kong's territory and dropped bombs. What's funnier yet disrespectful and uncivilized of  Packard is when he was told that Kong is like god to the people living in that island  (because Kong keeps the ecosystem balance and keep the devilish skull crawler underground) but still determined to kill it and keep calling it enemy.

So you see my point? Although his rational and vengeful actions might be due to his post war trauma, but his rational to think that Kong is an enemy of the state because Kong killed half of his squad, represents the situation of the 15th century early colonization (or imperialism) and all the US army's interventions in other countries, specially the middle east.

What do the western called Arabs who fight back? Terrorist. So do the Palestinians in Israhell's eyes.

How did I get here? Hmm..

I put this picture because it looks cool. Dont ask me what it means, Google and read more by yourself. I dont always understand everything I read. Source here

TEEHEE~ this is an abrupt closing, because i really think that im done


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