Monday, March 14, 2011

Unbelievably embarassment!

This time ,it's a serious writing..i came across this issue when i read this

Imagine if u were Japanese, how do u feel to see this? ur country tragic disaster in comic? supposed to be funny??
Zoy's from Berita Harian piece of work..such a Malaysian's pride!!!
Really unbelievably insensitive or extreme stupidity/obliviousness? eventho some might defend this work by saying it is the matter of perspective, different people see it differently.. regardless!

Why dont we try to see it from the victim's perspective? The only perspective that matters..kay?
Great loss of personal properties

Loss of facilities, infrastructures, domestic and economic resources
Loss of shelters, places to live in
You can just watch the remaining

Loss of souls of loved ones...

And this video clip depicting Korean 2009 disaster movie, entitled Tsunami (the name on the poster when i went to watch it in cinema, but in the internet the tittle is different , Tidal Wave) .

How devastated if u could imagine the real thing happened in Japan could be somehow similar to the clip??

And without guilt the idea of "cartoonising" the event would come across an insensitive ignorant merciless mind? Embarrassment to the nation.. Sorry Japan, 99.9% of Malaysian is not this idiotic... we pray for u and will help u in any way possible from here...

picture source: credit to MediaMalaya, Reuters, The Atlantic and some sources unknown bcuz i got it from email.


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