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I am now thinking about this...
at 1st when i heard about this early last month,when i was about to leave KL, i thought it was just a rumour. But even if it was, it's scary and worth an extreme extra precaution since it will cause a regretable and irreversible consequence once happen.

However i was wondering at that time, this is serious but ive seen no breaking news abt this on our local TV or newspaper (until recently). Did our local authorities just close their eyes on this ? Is this a high profile crime, with hidden agenda? (dont laugh,there's a possibility)

By the middle of last month (Im refering to the month of May), the news was on TV which mean the authorities already had their attention on it. Yet the psychotic acid splasher is still out there and doing his hobby which is splashing acid to woman and cause them a lifetime physical disability and ugliness, not to mention trauma!

This psycho is identified to be an Indian guy (ohh), and ride around on a bike, a Honda EX5 as told.
The victims (one of them happen to be my co-worker, just in a different branch) are mostly Malay girls , described as attractive and wearing tudung (this is what i heard from my friends/officemate in KL).

Today I received an email, this is how it goes:-

Attention: Last night at 8.15pm the acid splasher was around PKNS complex shah alam. 1 lady got splashed. At 9.30pm another lady got splashed around Summit USJ area. Splasher on the run riding Honda EX5 motorcycle No Plate WPV 4963

Acid Splasher has been seen in Damansara Uptown & Kota Damansara.
Modus Operandi is to knock on the car window (mostly women drivers) & splash acid if poor driver winds down window.
He has a 'sad face' & is Indian. When you refuse to open the window, he will yell at you & be more aggressive.

He carries a yellow bottle (likely to be acid behind his back). Don't be BLUR & open.

One of the victim is currently hospitalized & blinded (not to mention disfigured).


Do not open the car window, immediately take note of the clothes he is wearing & rush home/or make police report.

It had been a month, yet the retard is still not caught yet. I didnt want to condemn our authorities, specially the police force, since i had seek their help few time before (small thing but really appreciate it). Just please oh please, dont take this matter so light and so slow. This is serious, just imagine if it happened to one of your family member, how would u feel?
Here is one of the news abt the splasher attack i found in the net. (from the Malay Mail)

Acid splasher strikes again Andrew Sagayam
Friday, May 13th, 2011 17:09:00

KUALA LUMPUR: Another woman has fallen victim in the acid splashing case, this time a daughter of a police officer.
However in this morning's attack, the splasher use water instead of hazardous chemicals in previous attacks.
In the 8.45am incident, the lone splasher pounced on the 30-year-old woman at a traffic light junction in Section 10 Wangsa Maju.She was driving alone at the time.The woman had stopped at a red light and as her car window was rolled down, the splasher sneaked up on her on a motorcycle and splashed liquid on her face.Once she wiped the liquid off her face, she realised it was water. She then lodged a report at the city police headquaters in Jalan Hang Tuah.Her father is said to be a police officer in Criminal Investigations Department.Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed the incident and the woman was not injured in the attack.He said police have formed a task force under the supervision under CID director Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin and will track down the culprits.The latest attack brings a total of 23 victims in 10 incidents since March 2.

And this is one of the comment i think same with what i have in mind:-
I think it was just to scare the police to be more proactive. The prank splasher could probably be a frustrated rakyat who are fed-up with the police for their slow action in catching the culprit. The prank splasher must have known that this woman is the daughter of a policeman. And add to that is the fact that water was used rather than the real thing. Although traumatic, she was the lucky one. How many more victims have to suffer before this monstrous act is put to stop? 23 and counting? Who could be next? Does it have to be a high profile personality's wife or a politician's daughter or niece before we finally see some fruitful action? The 22 victims (not counting the policeman's daughter) are way too many and recent actions are too little, too late for them who are scarred for life, physically and emotionally.

Submitted by Disappointed on Monday, May 16th, 2011.

Couldnt agree more on this. What about u readers?

Funny, they even have his face figured out in an illustration based on the victims' description.

We are so helpless.. we as ladies, as Malaysian, can't do anything on this...the only thing we can do to get their attention is to lodge a police report once our face got splashed.

I just hope this scumbag will get caught and none of my friends and family had to be his victims while we're still waiting for the police to get him...and while waiting for this, we have to take care of ourselves, stay alert and dont act foolishly (like wind down the car window when anyone ask to!)


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