Thursday, October 11, 2012

Racist Comment VS Hudud for Laughter
Hi!! Assalamualaikumm!

Hmm how to start.. k..camnilah..Hari ni terbaca satu komen kat Facebook seorang perempuan Cina Singapore post kat page Stop Racism in goes like this:

Klik la bagi bosar..bleh baca kot klu besar..hoho
Sebab ada member "Like" mende tu maka keluarlah ia di News Feed gua..gua pon curious la kan sapa plak ni dok kutuk-kutuk Malay wedding kan, biar pon di Singapore ... so this is the story:

The organisation fired its assistant director of membership, Ms Amy Cheong, after it was found that she had posted offensive comments on her Facebook page on Oct 7.

Said Secretary-General of the NTUC, Mr Lim Swee Say, in the statement: “The NTUC takes a serious view on racial harmony in Singapore. We will not accept and have zero tolerance towards any words used or actions taken by our staff that are racially offensive.
"NTUC has terminated with immediate effect the services of Ms Amy Cheong, Assistant Director, Membership Department after establishing with her that she did post offensive comments on her personal Facebook page on October 7 2012.
"Regrettably and rightly so, her comments have upset members of the public, including many union members. We are sorry that this has happened. We have counselled the staff and impressed upon her the seriousness of her action. She is remorseful and has apologised for her grave lapse of judgement.- Source "Zero tolerance" towards racially offensive remarks: NTUC

Ok senang citer si Amy Cheung post a PUBLIC status on her Facebook wall which was very offensive and racist, causing anger and  taken as an insult to the Malays and got disapproval from non-Malays.. So someone filed a report I think and NTUC (a government body, she was a government staff,big post) fired her as a punishment..
Luckily the source filtered the vulgar words out..thanks~
You can read more on people (or Singaporean) discussion here about this issue..

Well I'm not going to scold this Amy Cheong here, just that it triggered so many questions on my mind, not really questions lah..Just make me think firstly, it is true that not all Chinese or Malay or Indian hate each other or other race, just the uneducated ones or educated but idiot inside..It's a good things when I visit that FB page and read other posts and comments, many do hate racism..Good news..

And the government of Singapore is somewhat concern and really play their roles (at least in this case,as far as I know) the NTUC specifically, in tackling this issue by taking action on the perpetrator  although it might look as a small matter (like a personal opinion on something), but come on,that is how any fire could start..before it grow,better to cut off the root..

This is something good to take example of, by of course our beloved country...yeah here comes the larva..

Kat Malaysia ni, kat Facebook specially, gua da terbaca banyak dah komen, dok "Hidup Melayu Hidup Melayu".. as if Malaysia ni ada Melayu je la..Melayu-Melayu pon kalau perangai serupa masyarakat Jahiliyah, ganas samseng tak semena-mena..mencarut, takde respect kat bangsa lain, itu secara tidak langsung menghina agama sendiri (yakni Islam, eventho tak semua Melayu Islam, tapi masalahnya dia mengaku dia Islam!)..apa yang nak dibanggakan sangat dengan Melayu kan?

Melayu kalau tak amalkan ajaran Islam, takde beza pon Melayu tu dengan bangsa lain..Kalau la aku nak screenshot komen-komen racist penyokong tegar ^#&;*&(well, tanak mention) dalam Facebook tu, dan kalaulah Malaysia ada kerajaan yang concern dengan masalah yang boleh dicetuskan oleh komen racist sebegitu, ramai dah yang patut kena..

Tapi come on la..this is Malaysia, masih dipanggil negara "sedang membangun"..SEDANG ye, belom bangun-bangun mentality yang dok pegang kerajaan sendiri pon maybe dok tak bangun-bangun lagi la kot..Sorry to say, sapa yang makan Zinger burger,dia yang terasa pedasnya..http://www.emocutez.comSapa yang governement servants but already dah "membangun", we're cool bro..

Jangankan komen racist dok kutuk bangsa lain, kutuk agama Islam pon takde tindakan diambil.. Yang lagi bestnye yang kutuk tu orang Islam sendiri..contoh seperti berikut:

Artis yang menjawab sesuatu yang dia sendiri tak tahu..
Ni the clearer one, in case pic tu kurang jelas..diambil dari

Statement da cukup gediks, belom tengok profile pic dia yang lain lagi..oi hudud bukan bahan lawak ah!
Since Malaysian law tak de yang boleh dakwa on this type of racist and insult comment, (cuma Law pijak gambar piem je) so these idiots and racists can just keep on posting stupid things and bashing each other..

Ye betul pandangan peribadi, tapi agak-agakla nak komen ke nak buat public status pon, kalau jahil usah la bukak mulut, kalau tak sure jangan cepat kuarkan pendapat, kalau betul nak cakap tu pandangan peribadi dan tak serius, simpan sendiri dah la..Takyah share publicly..And about the hudud thingy, it's not something to make fun of..http://www.emocutez.comhttp://www.emocutez.com

Social network ni bukan tempat nak memperbodohkan diri dan insult bangsa lain or agama sendiri..jangan sampai jadi macam Johari Pain, sembunyi hilang diri akibat public status yang bengong nak mati..

P/s: Pasal hudud ni kalaula gua masukkan screenshot orang-orang politik punya komen to include, panjang plak blog gua nanti..