Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sydney and Blue Mountains

Yeah, salam semua. kali ni nak update my trip to Sydney and Blue Mountain (which is like an hour trip from Sydney) pada awal October yang lepas. Me and my friend did it in backpacker style.

Di Sydney we stayed at Maze Backpacker Hostel, at Pitt Street, lokasi memang dekat tengah-tengah Sydney City. We are on a strict budget so we both were just walking around the city, meaning literally by foot, not taking bus except a one-day hop-on-hop-off tour which we regret taking because it made us so lazy haha.. the next day we rent a pair of bicycles from Sydney Bike Hire at The Rock and pusing-pusing the whole city and it was exciting!

Let me advice you on choosing backpacker hostels. It is called hostel, not hotel so please don't expect anything close to privacy. Just like during ur boarding school or college hostel, the environment and system works kind of the same. Hostel biasalah kena share with other occupants, toilet and bathroom, kitchen kena share but luckily toilet separated by gender lah, ada sebilik 4 orang, ada 6 orang, hostel lain ada jugak yang 2 orang, so the more friends you are travelling with, the lesser ur chances of being put in a room with strangers, catch the drift? (poyo)..

Maze Backpackers yang kami tinggal tidaklah tip top sangat, we initially booked Siesta Inn months before the trip,it's a budget hostel with a higher price rate than the Maze, we cancelled Siesta Inn in the last minute because a friend of us who went there few days before us said it's a horrible place. But well, when we got there we found out that it is horrible for her just because it is a hostel.... hurmm, there goes our AUD80 for last minute cancellation and Maze was actually a little more horrible than Siesta Inn but not all that bad, tapi redha je la, takde rezeki la maksudnya tu. photo 12_zpsf69748c6.gif

You can find reviews on for more information or leave a comment below for any questions about my experience here, ok? But I would recommend you Siesta Inn for Backpacker Hostel, but if you want cheaper, then Maze, and bear in mind, cheaper means..?? figure it out yourself~

We stayed for 6 days there; fly from Melbourne, 3 nights at Maze and 1 night in Katoomba, Blue Mountain, the hostel's name is Blue Mountain Backpackers Hostel, way better than Maze, and the last night in the airport because our flight was at 7 a.m in the morning on our 6th day. First time we got the chance to experience sleeping by the street because the airport personnel "kicked" us out at 12 midnight saying the place is closed, will open again at 4 a.m. Me and my friend, with some other white guys and teenagers had to leave, and slept on the METAL bench outside the building, in the coldness of the night...... there were even guys in classy suits lying on the floor and bench beside us. But we couldn't sleep, it was so cold and the metal bench, u know besi kotttt, sejuk laaa hoiiii~  photo 64_zpsteipzuup.gif
We had to put on a few layers of clothes to keep us warm, and look exactly like how homeless people usually wear, bukan nak hina, just a description. I can't imagine homeless people, gelandangan panggilnya, tido setiap malam dalam sejuk...n we got to sleep on bed with pillow n blankets every night, klu tak bersyukur lg taktaw ar kan~

Here are some of the pics as proofs of my story TEEHEE~  photo 58_zpsxf2wermt.gif:

On train dari kampungku ke city..

Waiting for shuttle bus at Southern Cross (ala-ala KL Sentral) to Avalon Airport

Sesampai je malam tu menapak 40 minit ke Opera House..

The next morning on 2nd day, we walked to Sydney Fish Market
Enjoying deep fried seafood and raw oyster
Oyster with lemon squeeze.. AUD15 for a dozen, but bigger size cost more, cooked with special sauce cost even moaarr! 
Hop on hop off bus tour start.. the grand Sydney Harbour Bridge at the back..

Queen Victoria Building, now is a prestigious shopping mall..
3rd day, walking along George Street to go to The Rock to hire bikes..

Heaven for fans of designers' items.. not me obviously (can't afford them lulz)
Enjoying our walk along the streets..

Arriving at The Rock Village Market.. they have morning market on weekends

This is The Rock, there, the bridge again..

Bike tour start..
Cycling around Waterfront Park, and that is Anzac Bridge
Pirrama Park, on the left is Jones Bay
A visit to Madame Tussaud 
I dont even know who this guy is..
Camna cara duduk sopan comel2 konon ni ha..
Aku pon tak pasti siapa artis yang kawan aku berselfie bersama ni

Next, Sealife Sydney Aquarium (kan dalam tu ada dugong, nama dia hmmmm)

Kat dalam sealife tu pon ada seniman jalanan~~kuikuikui
Pagi esoknya cycle gi Sydney Opera House untuk day shooting, walaupon mulanya travel buddy aku banyak hal tanak gi but well, i've spent enough money to be here, i gotta be here!

Last shoot before take off
Lepas return basikal, head to Central Station and took train (see,double decker tuu) to Katoomba.

Arriving at Katoomba.

Tidur semalam, esok tu raya haji kiteorang makan ni je while Malaysians were enjoying ketupat rendang bagai.

Three Sister at Scenic World.
The crazy railway

Last pic at Echo Point at around 5.45pm, then we took a train back to Sydney, then airport, homeless night

Kawan aku datang bercuti dari Malaysia, kat Melbourne dia dok rumah aku je so dia save kat accomodation. Kat Melbourne aku bawak dia ke Philip Island and Great Ocean Road, driving a rent car (share dua orang since dia datang sorang je). Dan makan pon tengahari je masa jalan-jalan kat luar. Then gi Sydney pon kami memang makan besar sekali je sehari, tu pon kat tempat yang sama iaitu Sydney Fish Market sebab tempat lain tak tau yang mana halal, asyik makan kebab je naik muak gak. Kat Katoomba pagi tu makan nasi goreng instant dengan avocado je, then lunch makan TimTam dan kopi je, malam makan roti dan minum susu. Esok tu lepas landing Melbourne terus serang Blok M sebab lapar gila, balik rumah tidur dari tengahari sampai esok pagi. Bayangkan makan macam tu je seharian, sambil jalan-jalan panjat bukit bagai kat Blue Mountain tu, then malam tu kena tidor luar airport, mana tak penat bai~

Namun begitu aku dan kawanku survive and sihat,tiada sebarang kecederaan, kerana di bawah lindunganNya.. Setinggi-tinggi syukur kepada Allah swt kerana memberi peluang dan rezeki kepada aku untuk ke tempat-tempat ini, belajar tentang kehidupan di negara orang, melihat merasai sendiri, menghirup udara di sana. Alhamdulillah..what more can i ask..
Ni je yang sempat simpan

And I came to realize that not everybody suits to be our travel buddy   photo kitty1_zpsabbf0848.gif Aku pon tak paham macamana kat group Facebook Travel Buddies tu orang main iklan je siapa nak join dorang, tak risau ke kalau tak ngam?

So once you've travel with them, you will find out whether you can get along with them or not..kalau tujuan tak sama boleh ampun lagi, just next time avoid travelling together, tapi bab moody ni.. perghh, ia bergantung dengan iman di dada ni je nak sama naik hangin jugak atau cool je because cool is awesome~~ i am awesome anyway (prfftt)

So everybody, belajarlah untuk berjalan, dan selamat berjalan bagi yang nak berjalan! Kalau takde kawan sekepala pon jalan sorang pon ok, boleh ikut kepala sendiri, takyah gado-gado sakit kepala layan songeh orang kan? Just go out and explore the world! Duit berkepuk-kepuk pon mati tak boleh bawak bersama, so just fly, simpanlah sedikit untuk hari tua tapi jangan terlalu takut untuk keluar dari comfort zone! Rezeki tu di mana-mana, Dia akan sentiasa mencukupkan kita kalau kita sentiasa ingat Dia, InsyaAllah..