Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Inspiring Movie about Life and Nature

I watched some movies as some sort of a break while writing, so I am keen to share some interesting movies worth watching to keep u alive, or to boost u into appreciating life more than u do now..

Since I am in the middle of completing my other assignment, which is a 4500-word research essay (in the last blog was 9000-word thesis draft) , I wont be writing that much, but I'll edit this later to add reviews in my own words..

For the time being, here are the movies that kinda inspire me to look at life in a different way (it's not that different, i was not that materialistic even before watching them):

Into the Wild
This movie is based on true story about this pelajar cemerlang name Chris, specialized in economy if im not mistaken, tapi rasa tak suka dengan material dan harta, tiba-tiba decide to explore the nature and leaving all his stuff behind without even informing his can read the sinopsis here .. It doesn't have pretty ending tho..What I learn from the movie is, material don't make u happy, like what Chris felt when he felt all the bills and everyday life as a worker of a company,it's tiring, but to get lost in isolation, away from other human is never a good keeps us going living and happy, although human make chaos, but don't be the one who makes chaos, be the one who makes peace..and insyaAllah we will be surrounded by peaceful people too..

This movie is superb..the acting is just great, well-delivered..about a recently divorced woman Cheryl who have some emotional turbulence handling with her mom's death..she is brave enough to take herself into the wood to explore nature and find her true self, being independent and all, read more here. I feel kinda related to this thing but I didn't really have to go through such a messy emotion and depression because I am blessed, my problem is just my love-life with men but I always have families and friends, leaving my comfort zone in Malaysia to discover myself in Australia in 2014 had really help me improve myself in so many levels, and it should be called back to fitrah, but unfortunately I got to feel it only for a year and a half, such a short training..but man I should be grateful..

The Road Within
This movie about 3 teenage patients running away from a behavioral facility, with the main actor as the guy with Tourettes , a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, and the other two suffer different type of disorder, read more here. What I feel with this movie is exactly how true what my naqibah advised me, the only way you can find out whether a person is worth to be your friends (lovers maybe) or foes is when you travel with them and see how they take care of you, and provided of course how you take care of them too.. You won't get along with everybody, they are always selfish people who befriended you to get something in return, so travel with them and see..
Cast Away
This is a famous award-winning movie, I think I dont have to explain here about it, but the movie is an eye-opener for me, of how it is to be alone and isolated from civilization. How Tom Hanks depends so much on his non-living ball as friend he named Wilson shows how we human always need someone to talk to, to give us support to keep on living, to give us hope.. When he needs the ball, we always have Allah, He does not just listen, He has given us all we have now, just always remember Him and obey Him..

Rain Man

About Tom Cruise as a greedy guy who just found out his rich dead father left him only his car but all of his fortune to Tom's brother which is kept secret from him all this while. He discovered that his older brother has autism and he at first wanting to take him to live with him so he could get the inherited fortune. The excitement starts when his brother (Dustin Hoffman) refused to travel by plane, so they have to take a long road trip to get to other place. Read here for more, I watched this some time ago, maybe 2 years ago but it still in my mind, it touched me, like how the other movies listed here did eventho it's not much about nature vs human, but it's the road trip or journey that they have in common.. How the journey, the travel they took together had enabled love and human-bonding to defeat greed and selfishness and materialism...and I love both of their acting..