Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Abnormality in Me

Look at your hands, both hands…are they the same?
They are the same, cause they got fingers, nails and palms.
This is how I eat, baby!

What if both hands are exactly the same?
That's why the chicken chop is still there, I don't know how to cut it..

Are you normal then?

The question is, why god didn't make two right hands for you? Why do they come in pairs but not exactly the same?
Cuz you complete me!

Being normal is like being like most of us as human being, being something different physically or mentally is kinda abnormal. But not all normality is good, nor abnormality is. Sometimes it’s not by choice.

Being “normal” in your sexual orientation is somewhat defined by you having an affectionate feeling with a sexual desire towards the other species, opss I mean the opposite gender …

So what if a guy became attracted to another guy? Isn’t that gay? Isn’t that not normal?

Of course not. How come that’s normal? If that’s normal, what make us? Us, who like (I mean attracted) to the opposite gender? Ohh ok now you’re talking about wider options, broader view, much bigger frame for definition of conventional law of attraction in love.. okay.. Ohh more point for you to add; about freedom of being what you really are..what makes you happy to be yourself..that it’s not your choice..that you were born with it..blame god…

Do you know what robber is? What murderer is?

What if one of them (I mean either robber or murderer) kills your beloved boyfriend (err I'm talking to you gay..) ?

And you caught him… You were about to kill him in revenge for your she-male boyfriend’s death (or maybe she-male-like). Then the helpless dying murderer (cuz you beat him up pretty badly) cried and begged for your mercy…trying to make you understand that he did that cuz he was meant to do that.. that he was born to be your “cute” boyfriend’s reaper.
Born this way babe..born to eat you alive..what's wrong with becoming my meal?
“It wasn’t a choice… I was born to be a killer..a have to understand..i did not chose to be this way, I just can’t throw away this feeling, the desire..of killing a beautiful she-male!! I enjoyed it, I am just being what I was born to Gaga said,”

And singing the Gaga’s anthem…

“I'm beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track
Baby I was born this way.”
Why can’t you tolerate that??

Hey you gay, I am pretty sure you can tolerate that..

“WTF?? Is this girl stupid or retarded? How can she compare us (gay) to criminals?? Plain idiot!!” one angry homo’s tweeted in his mind..

Ohh yah he is a criminal..what made him a criminal?

“He breaks law!!! WTF is wrong with you?”

Which law?

“Duh??????? Human law? Government law?? Humanity’s? Societies? Who gave him rite to take away other’s life? He just kills without reasons! He just killed my innocent boyfriend!!”

Your innocent boyfriend? Do you really actually know what define innocence?

If killing people is a crime.. why is there wars? Why there are cops and why there are electric chairs in prison?

“Punishment… They deserve to die.. cuz they are criminals.. They break rules, they hurt people..and we never support war..”

What about law of reproduction?

“Ohhh is there such a law?? Oh come on…we can still have babies even if both of us spurt out sperms.. That is what a surrogate mother for..”

Oh my god…this is ENDLESS…

Technology! Today we got surrogate mother, the next day we’ll start accepting clone baby, clone pets.. but don’t eat animals!! THAT’S SICK!!! (please sense the sarcasm) *Do take note that I do respect people who are vegetarian solely because of their religion,no other reason,and I don’t support animal torture too!)
What exactly are you promoting? Gimmick?

Man I don’t hate them ,I don’t promote hatreds on them, eventho I can’t really accept them..but things are getting pretty severe nowadays and kinda make me breathless.. kinda sickening with this open’s like too much of them, and everywhere! What’s even worse is they are proud of who they are (thanks to Gaga again~) and they are accepted by this so-called (or self-called) CIVILISED-OPEN MINDED-LIBERAL society..

Wandering around youtube and I can’t help to notice many of somewhat war-comments on videos, that usually started for example by a person who was just making a joke (with no serious hate-promote intention) on a video by saying ;

“LOL that is gay!!”

I totally got what he meant by calling the video gay eventho the video had nothing to do with homosexualities or she-male, or anything like it. It was just a comment to say how lame, or sick, or retarded or watever the video was. But here came some replies ;

“ Hey Richard, what’s wrong with being gay?”

”This video is totally for fun, why are you promoting hatred and violent here??” or something like that..

WTH? Gays are pretty sensitive, I mean overly sensitive, and kinda get extremely emotional, like wth~~

Those comments show how saying gay or pointing out gay is somewhat so serious, and scolding gay in a way of teasing, sarcasm etc is so WRONG, whilst being or practising gay is unbelievably so RIGHT ! (wow I spelled right right this time~)

Again, I don’t despise them, but I don’t encourage accepting them, you are encouraging them, you are not helping them at all.. When I said I can't accept them and discourage them, I never mean they deserve hatred, curse and violent oppression.. or anything like this:

this is practically doable, yet not recommended
But like I said earlier, if normal people who have two hands, two feets, two eyes and ears.. outnumbered by handicapped people who might have one hand one feet or one eye.. who would be called normal then? *(again I am not saying being handicapped is wrong, why do I have to justify each paragraph~)

Are you ready to become “abnormal”?

P/S:Since many of my friends said they cant really understand what i'm trying to say here, i think what i'm trying to express here is somewhat similar to the idea of this ustaz's:
Lebih dahsyat benda mungkar dianggap normal, manakala orang yang mencegahnya dianggap ganjil. Mungkar menjadi normal dan biasa kerana ia bukan sahaja berlaku secara berleluasa, bahkan dipromosikan dengan begitu hebat oleh media yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Lantas, manusia prihatin yang mahu mencegah mungkar terpaksa bermujahadah untuk membuka suara bagi mencegah mungkar.-Ustaz Fathi Yusuf
It's even worse when a sinful deed is considered normal, while the person preventing it appeared to look odd. Sinful deed become normal and usual not just because it is practiced widely and openly, but also because it is being grandly promoted by the irresponsible media. Thus, the concerned and responsible individual who wants to prevent this sinful deed have to be really careful in finding the most unprovocative way to voice it out.

That's what i meant by asking you reader, are you ready to become "abnormal'?


  1. Ganas kot gambar kat blog hang ni Dye..lagi2 yang kena bunuh tu..huhu

  2. hehe ala kak, baru sampai mesetnya..hakhakhak..sampai tak kat akak? sampaikan aidilfitri plak kang~

  3. nice post! Allah is fair. He makes things differently to suit each pair. yea! law of attraction is said to be true because every positive will be attracted to the negative part to achieve neutrality (normal).. Allah grants us wisdom or mind to let us think about His creations.. :)

    1. I appreciate ur comment r3, n so glad that u got what exactly i wrote here..~hug hug~


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