Sunday, September 30, 2012

We are all Judges..Judge Dredd

Maybe it's Maybelline

I am the Law!!!
Bagi mereka-mereka yang tak pernah tengok citer Judge Dredd ni memang tak paham lah kot..takpe tak penting..Beliau sekadar maskot tak rasmi entry aku kali ni je..

Sebenarnya gua nak menaip pasal judging-judging people ni..Actually and honestly I am kinda sick with people in FB posting or sharing some picture of random quote about "don't judge me bla bla bla" something-something..Paranoid apa ni?? Klu tak buat salah dok panik apa sorang-sorang dok warn dont judge me dont judge me..jadah apanya..mesti ada buat apa-apa yang di atas normal kan?

Yang mak abah ko dah pesan "jangan.." masa ko kecik-kecik, da besar ko buat jugak, then demi nak menegakkan benang yang da basah kuyup ko pon dah takde idea lalu dok "dont judge me- dont judge me"..kan kan? Yeah gua memang patut jadi psychiatrist or tok moh la cenggini..sebab dapat predict masalah orang before dia bukak mulut wakakaka (gua tengah bergurau kasar ni)

It must be because u've realised that u've done something bad or stupid or immoral that u know people cant accept, for example, being gay or prostitute, kill a dog/cat, sniffing girl's panties etc..U know exactly that it is sick..Yet u still do it, then when people stare, u get paranoid.."damn it, why are they lookin at me like that?? they dont know my story,why i eat a cat soup, how could they judge meeee??" dafuq...'s not like ur not doing it tooo duhhhh~

Well then how are we suppose to hang a killer? They will be no judge in the courtroom ...

Okai let me tell you why i think this is pathetic and i got sick of it..

1stly because..we are human..We got brain (oh this will sound a little bit like my previous entry.. You don't have to become a Saint to become Sane..beybeh!..) So we process what we see first before anything.. We can't stop ourselves from judging people from the first sight we lay on them..That's why they said first impression matter..Therefore we have to work hard not to make a bad first impression..Misunderstanding does happen, but only if it was really a MISunderstanding..rite? Meaning to say it will change eventually into positive thing (most of the time) and enlighten things up if that's the case..that's totally normal..

Tell me honestly, have you or have you not assume a fat guy/girl eats a lot just by looking at him/her at the first time?

2ndly, like what this man said..
 “As you are dressed, so shall you be perceived, and as you are perceived, so shall you be treated."-Harry Wong (sape beliau? lu cari la sendiri...pornsite pandai cari plak kannn??)
So meaning to say..kalau lu tanak orang panggil lu pelacor, lu jangan pakai tayang aset sangat, jangan pakai macam lady gaga or nicky minaj..then expect orang layan lu macam lu puteri raja mahkota..sungguh tak releven..

Hey i have a fully functional brain okay!! And  facial nerve too..

Bak kata Ustaz Haslin dalam video di bawah:

Dia cakap sekarang ni kita jumpa budak Melayu, nama Melayu,Islam..baru ngaji kat oversea jap pakai dah tak agak-agak, cium peluk laga pipi ngan bukan muhrim dah jadi rutin..then orang pandang semacam dia cakap.."eh u jangan nak pandang serong kat I, I pakai camni pon I still Muslim taw.." hati I, jiwa raga I, roh I Muslim taw...

Pakaian kita tingkah laku kita cara hidup kita tu mencerminkan we live our lives, how we dress up , how we behave and everything can clearly show who and what you do you defend yourself with the obvious?

3rdly, it is stupid to ask people to judge themselves 1st before judging ta hell are we supposed to do that? U cant find your own flaw, i mean not all of them, that is what a doctor, a counselor, a psychiatrist, a coach, is for..And each of them is not perfect..What..You think all psychiatrists are living a perfect no-problem lives?

There is actually a difference between a sinner and an open-sinner..
Judging is not punishing..judging is reasoning..Reasoning is a god given ability that animal don't possess..You shouldn't stop it, just use it wisely..It is of course subjective and changeable..