Sunday, July 22, 2018

Well I think it's time..

Well i think it's time..for me to write something.. it's been a while eyh.. like too long already, and that last post was so random and un..un what? unrelated to my life, just my point of view i guess..

Malas sebenarnya, idea? Entah..penat jadi PhD student..and that's why i am so pissed off with all the MLM or cheap-publisity punya Malay businessman or woman yang suka-suka nak call themselves a Doctor of Philosophy when they just bought it! Some didnt even buy it, just senang-senang claim ada PhD from UPM la UM la, lepas bertahun-tahun baru lah si followers ni nak enquire kat universiti-universiti tersebut dan barulah dapat kenyataan rasmi by them saying "NOPE, IT NEVER HAPPEN.. we never gave him, he never enroll here.. "

LOL..sedap la dok letak yuran tinggi-tinggi sebab ada title, alih-alih title tipu, dah tipu tapi dah ada cult, followers still setia..adoi where is the brain..i cannot even..

Ok puas membebel..still have no idea, let me just share pics of me travelling since last year (travel 3 months sekali just to unwind, if not i'm gonna go mental)

(I will update the photo later..this has been in my draft since March, now is end of July..

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kong: Skull Island: Not Really A Review

I haven't write anything here for so long .. but today , I mean like just 5 minutes ago I was watching (re-watching actually)  Kong: Skull Island, a Hollywood movie if you are not aware, and thought that I want to write something that came across my mind while watching it. I watched it last night, late night actually and re-watch it this morning because I didn't really pay attention to the movie last night. What captured my attention, that makes me want to write this entry after a long time is that the character played by Samuel L Jackson. This time I love Kong, it was not portrayed as a pervert who has the hots for a white blonde like all the previous Kong's movies.. it's disturbing~

This is how Packard furiously looking at Kong smashing choppers and stamping his squad, like a boy looking at his mother ripping off his favourite toys or games but cant do anything about it..

This character, Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, is a leader of a Vietnam War helicopter squadron. So at the beginning of the movie you can see this character is really committed to his job as a soldier, or you can say he enjoys being in the army, and seems to love wars. Like in any movies, wars veterans or soldiers who had been to wars usually show signs of psychological damaged.. because it is war man, you kill, or be killed, constantly hunting to kill and constantly surviving, fighting back so that you won't be killed etc. Exhausting. Blood and gore, horrific sights of your friends' dead bodies, or civilians' in collateral damage.. just imagine, how can you possibly maintain your sanity?

You may have heard of psychological disorders associated with war, such as shell shock or 'Combat Stress Reaction' as it is otherwise known. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a diagnosis made by doctors on a regular basis for patients who have suffered major traumas such as rape or a car accident. It was due to soldiers of the Vietnam war that the disorder was discovered, yet their symptoms had been synonymous with war veterans from hundreds of years before.- Health Guidance

So this Packard guy shows all those kinds of symptom, something is definitely wrong somewhere with this dude. But beside that obvious scientifically-proven affected behavior of a war veteran, there is something more that he represents.

Well, in the movie you can see that when they first arrived to the unexplored island, they dropped some explosive mapping devices all over the island (with some rock music as the background to show that they were enjoying it). And as an audience you can see where this is going. They surely were interrupting whatever was inhabiting the island. So then as expected King Kong appeared furiously attacking them fatally. As the leader of the squad, Packard was seen to be so pissed off with Kong, because Kong killed most of the squad members by just merely smashing the choppers and stamping them dead.

This ape is behemoth, gigantic, vigorous and of course enraged when some intruders came and destroyed its territory. Compared to this little human by the name of Packard, Kong is way out of his league to fight with bare hands. But well as any other cunning human beings who always find their way to destroy anything on their paths for their own pleasure, this Packard guy was shown to be emotionally disturbed and challenged by the sight of his squad's defeat by Kong and appeared so revengeful.

Towards the end of the movie he was seen persistent to pursue his revenge to kill Kong although the other characters, specially the hero, "Loki" (read Tom Hiddleston) as James Conrad, a noble British air force soldier who is more rational and posses a healthier mind than Packard; understood well of Kong's reaction (which was to defend its island).

Packard almost got his revenge on Kong, like really close to almost winning, he managed to burn Kong alive, and planning to detonate it into pieces. That's how people like Packard find pleasure or self-satisfaction; vengeance. He ignored the fact that he and his squad first came into Kong's territory and dropped bombs. What's funnier yet disrespectful and uncivilized of  Packard is when he was told that Kong is like god to the people living in that island  (because Kong keeps the ecosystem balance and keep the devilish skull crawler underground) but still determined to kill it and keep calling it enemy.

So you see my point? Although his rational and vengeful actions might be due to his post war trauma, but his rational to think that Kong is an enemy of the state because Kong killed half of his squad, represents the situation of the 15th century early colonization (or imperialism) and all the US army's interventions in other countries, specially the middle east.

What do the western called Arabs who fight back? Terrorist. So do the Palestinians in Israhell's eyes.

How did I get here? Hmm..

I put this picture because it looks cool. Dont ask me what it means, Google and read more by yourself. I dont always understand everything I read. Source here

TEEHEE~ this is an abrupt closing, because i really think that im done

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Officially Embarked on a soon-to-be Sweaty Teary Journey

5 September yang lepas aku telah pon menghabiskan duit simpanan dari semasa aku di Australia untuk daftar masuk universiti untuk buat PhD. It's a very long tiring upsetting story..sebab pada mulanya aku ditawarkan tajaan penuh, konon suruh aku sambung kat luar negara sebab nak universiti rank dunia. Then masuk tahun ni , kalau aku tak call dulu entah bila dorang nak inform, nasib baik ada hunch atau terdetik di hati before bayar yuran application aku call universiti A yang offer nak sponsor September tahun lepas ni. Baru lah si polan dari sana nak bagitau kata dana tak cukup, suruh study local je.

So down la jadinya aku, dah penat turun KL 2 kali bulan December lepas jumpa supervisor dari international university (sebab nak buat program twinning, so half dok sini half kat luar negara) last2 kena cari supervisor baru dari IPTA. This happened in January.

Back to the real deal, so in March I was busy looking for supervisor, and if u ever read my previous post, in April I think I was patiently waiting for the offer letter  from uni B (the local IPTA where I am currently doing my PhD) sebab nak start secepat mungkin. Fast forward untuk cerita pendek, tup-tup uni A yang nak sponsor aku tu bulan 6 baru inform kata dana tak cukup, dia tak bayar yuran pengajian, kena bayar sendiri, dia bagi elaun bulanan je... and I was like...the whole year I was spending money like no biggy, now u just inform me? So to be honest rite now I have few RM in my bank, janganlah cerita pasal tabung haji ke ASB ke, that's not supposed to be touched.  

It sucks man.. MyBrain tutup bulan May, if they informed me earlier I would have apply for MyBrain, walaupun macam hanat gak la MyBrain tu sebab budak lain yang apply sampai sekarang pun senyap je. Aku call dorang tanya bila next application buka mangkuk tu asyik jawab tak tahu dengan kerek, suruh check kat website dari masa ke semasa. Baik ko takyah keje..

It is very sad, honestly..everything happened in the same week, berita pasal i dont get full sponsor hari Isnin, hari Jumaat dapat tahu pasal mamat tu..imagine? Turun 4 kg dalam masa 4 hari..bertubi-tubi bagai dibom Israel hatiku ini..

But pasal PhD tu, since I've been working on it since end of last year, i still proceed. Because i dont see any other thing i want to do beside this... I'm tired of working on jobs I dont like..dulu 2009 lepas abes degree memang nak sambung master, tapi parents cakap keje la dulu, ada adik lagi 2 orang tengah study, so I postponed.. now i'm so old already..when do i get to study and become golongan pendidik? When is now? When if not now? I'm not married, I dont have kids, I'm so freaking free..except not that free cuz my parents getting old, I dont feel like going and living abroad, although i can do that if i want..

So god lead me this way, I'll work my ass off for it. No turning back, I have to finish it in 3 years or the sponsor will ask me to pay them back,so finish this no matter what. Rabbi yassir wala tuassir.. 

Bab research proposal ni pon menyakitkan hati gak nak tulis kat sini.. uni A yang nak taja aku tu, faculty yang aku akan mengajar tu tukar dean baru bulan Ogos, tetiba suruh aku tukar tajuk. Do u understand how much effort I've put on to work on this proposal since end of last year? I've showed it to the former dean in January and he accepted it,.(note that i've been engaging with the former dean since early this year , and he was one of the interviewers that likes me) so I've been working on it ever since, now nak tukar, siap nak suruh tukar school, do you know that the whole process take times? The amount of articles i've read now put to waste? Urghhh taktaw nak cakap la ujian apakah ini.. and currently I'm struggling to find relevant articles to this new topic and again re-structure my proposal..i still can't form the theoretical framework for it yet..and i have to present it this January to the panels...oh kehidupanku.. sapa-sapa yang baca ni tolonglah doakan aku..ok? Thank you and god bless u.. my PhD lab room..
If u care to know some re-cap about my previous master journey, check this post of mine..

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scammer yang di-BAJAI oleh

Salam..aku baru balik dari mendapat pengalaman berharga selepas melawat sekolah pondok di sebuah kampung di Tanjung Pura, Medan, Indonesia. Nanti aku share berkenaan pengalaman ini. Tapi today aku terdetik nak share pasal post scammer ni, yang aku baca kat Facebook.

So dipendekkan cerita, mamat yang dipanggil babi dalam post tersebut dan pic di atas adalah scammer atas talian atau online. Dah menipu banyak customer dengan post iklan menjual barangan murah kat Banyak aduan dan laporan dibuat di balai polis tapi well, this is Malaysia. Rafizi Ramli lagi bahaya LOL. Mamat ni sampai sudah tak kena tangkap. So ada sorang netizen ni sakit hati sangat sebab dia kena tipu agak banyak, aku rasa dalam ribu2 oleh mamat yang dipanggil babi ini dalam bulan puasa tahun lepas. So dah nak dekat setahun la tapi mamat yang dipanggil babi ini tidak ditangkap dan masih bebas menipu ramai orang lagi, kalau baca komen banyak juga mangsa muncul buat pengakuan, so agak boleh dipercayai.

So persoalannya, apa negara kita ni punya undang-undang atau tak? Apa ni tak ambil tahun tentang scamming yang berlaku kat page dia ke? Aku terjumpa komen ni kat post di atas:

So it does make sense now why won't care about any scamming activity happening in their site. Sebab dorang bukan malaysian pon. Mudah,my dimiliki oleh syarikat Singapore. Bukti, ini link dari website dorang sendiri: Home.

Screenshot: is owned by Sdn Bhd- a subsidiary of 701Search Pte. Ltd., and a joint venture company between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted Media Group and Telenor Group.
So moral of the story dia pendek je, jangan jadi melayu or malaysian yang bodoh, keje nak mudah je so asyik guna dan ditipu scammers. Berikut adalah alternatif lain untuk anda membeli atau mencari barangan online So far aku tak pernah kena tipu, selalu berurusan dengan peniaga Cina kat sini, tak pernah ada masalah. Aku pernah beli jam dari Gpeople, tablet casing, screen protector, barangan kecantikan.

iBilik: untuk cari bilik or rumah sewa. Selalu aku cari kat Aku rasa setakat cari rumah sewa atau bilik sewa kat takde masalah, janji ko gi jumpa gi tengok tempat tu dulu then lepas confirm dapat agreement n everything baru bagi duit deposit segala, da ok dah.

Groupon: Site ni siap dapat diskaun lagi. Ada lagi site lain yang lebih kurang camni seperti MyDeal, Living Social, Milkadeal etc yang aku pernah beli dulu tapi yang lain macam dah tak aktif dan ada yang bermasalah je sekarang.
Carlist : Untuk mencari kereta baru atau terpakai, bukan takat kete, lori pon boleh, kapal terbang je takda..

Untuk baju-baju, phone casing customized, jubah ke tudung , jam ori mahupon replika, banyak kedai online instagram anda boleh percaya. Yang penting tengok followers dia dan testimoni dari dia. Jangan main terus buat payment je, siasat dulu. Murah tak selalunya betul, kalau benda tu too good to be true, memang tak true la jawabnya.

Sekian, semoga pihak polis negara kita upgrade.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Penantian Suatu Penyeksaan-Pengurusan Birokrasi Yang Lembab

Salam uoolllzzz..rakyat malaysia amacam? Aku cuma boleh ucapkan selamat menghadapi bullshit from dearest PM..if u know what i mean hahaha

Pendek je entry ini..currently I am waiting for a local public university to process my application to do my doctorate program. My future supervisor a.k.a a lecturer at the university had informed me that the school or faculty dah approved my application untuk consideration tapi institusi pengurusan pelajar prasiswazah masih belum keluarkan lagi offer letter. It's been 2 weeks. Malas nak call lagi, banyak alasan, mengabiskan kredit je. Lembab betul staff admin public university ni..kalau call tanya dia salahkan faculty la, orang tu la, department ni lah..Eat blind salary orang putih kata..

Monday, March 21, 2016

Turki dan Sosial Media

The biased global media focus had put this series of tragic bombing event in Turkey behind the spotlight, a massive difference in the amount of attention it gave to Paris bombing happening November last year. This was because global media was doing this "agenda setting" to again attack the one true religion that is Islam. The Paris attack was widely broadcasted, so frequently and dragged for months, to lastly revealed as a suicide bombing attack by ISIS, which they acquired the evidence from the dead bodies, which appeared to be the terrorists' perfect passports. I mean what kind of stupid terrorist would do that? But well, however stupid it might sound there were still lots of Islamophobic bigots who would fall damn right into it. And this type of stupidity have no cure, too bad.

So back to whatever happened in Turkey, it's nothing like what happened in Libya where there was a revolution, reformation, uprising by the people (although it was triggered by some foreign spies because Ghadafi want to use gold instead of USD in trading), what happened in Egypt, where the Arab Spring in 2011 took down their hated corrupted thug-president Mubarak and his men,  and replaced him with the much better Dr Morsi, (which later today the shameless As Sisi captured and declared himself to be the Egypt president despite the majority of people hate him, and he killed them for hating him).

What happened in Turkey is an attack well-planned by foreign country, and you should already know who, because Turkey , the President is Erdogan, has strongly and boldly declare his welcome to Syria refugee (chased away by the ethnic cleansing by the Shiite Basyaar) and shot down a Russian fighting airplane which was on its way to attack Syria as a response to the Paris bombing. The bombing in Turkey happened 3 times, and none of the 3 events were reported by the biased CNN, freaking obvious.

Some bullshit stories as agenda-setting pulled by the global media..

"In Turkey, the Turkish people are oppressed for so long since the establishment of the republic exploited international powers such as Israel, the US and Russia. This is clear when America was still stubborn to list the PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan / Labour Party of Kurdistan) or their proxies in Syria YPG (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel / People Protection Party), PYD (Partiya Yekîtiya Democrat / Democrate Union Party) as a terrorist group, although they openly declare that they are responsible for the attacks in a suicide blast in Ankara and Istanbul. This stubbornness departure point of the American establishment that wants to make YPG / PYD / PKK as their proxy in maintaining their power and curb the influence of ISIS in the region. American intervention is clearly visible from the issue of the Black Sea (Black Sea) which is still pending. Up to now, the weapons were supplied by the United States to terrorism, on the grounds that "undermine and defeat the ISIS" as stated by the United States President, Barrack Obama. Turkey , a Muslim-majority country that successfully led the country through democratic elections at this time attacked from every angle , it can be seen from the international media coverage that was biased in reporting news about Turkey and also likes to sensationalize the news that occurred in Turkey in order people are afraid to invest in Turkey or in visiting Turkey ."

Bagi orang Malaysia Islam yang leka atau tidak mahu mengambil tahu, cuba lah baca dari sini 

Apa yang dimahukan oleh kuasa-kuasa luar terutamanya Amerika, Israel, Iran dan negara-negara lain yang mencemburui Turki adalah untuk memusnahkan keamanan yang dikecapi Turki yang kini mula membangun dari setiap sudut.

Paling sedikit aku boleh buat ialah menukar Facebook profile pic untuk tanda protes dan kesedaran oleh mereka yang masih tak tahu apa yang berlaku. Aku turut edit DP untuk rakan-rakan FB aku yang rapat, yang aku rasa prihatin tentang perkara ini, dan rakan FB yang share post tentang Turkey. Agak sedih, ada di antara mereka tanak atas alasan, "tanak jadi poyo", "saya bukan pejuang agama macam awak", "saya doa lepas sembahyang dah cukup.." Sedih sebab ada di antara mereka bagi alasan seolah-olah takut apa orang kata , lebih takut apa orang cakap dari apa Allah cakap nanti..

Apa pentingnya tukar DP? Sosial media ni dah jadi macam makanan atau oksigen kepada hampir 90% manusia atas dunia ni yang ada akses internet dan memilik smartphone. Dan dari 90% ni, hampir semua mereka ada FB dan aktif menggunakannya. Bagaimana dulu tukar DP ke rainbow atau Pride Flag sebagai celebration of same sex marriage approval di US tahun 2015?  Kenapa dan apa efeknya? Tukar flag ke benda Perancis sebagai tanda Pray for Paris? Methodnya:

First macam kita tengok org melayu Islam tukar rainbow DP masa musim sokong LGBT bulan 6 tahun lepas, sebab dia tengok orang lain tukar, atau FB offer nak tukar tak, tapi dia tak paham tu tanda solidariti utk LGBT, so tetiba orang Islam sokong benda akhir zaman tu.
Cara kedua iaitu org tengok dan curious,bila kawan-kawan dalam FB tukar DP beramai-ramai, atau dia tengok dekat ruang komen post dari page-page, then gi search, so dari situ agenda atau awareness tu dah reach kat ramai lagi audience. Ramai yang akan tahu dengan cara itu.

Kes PrayforParis pula, diwar-warkan besar-besaran untuk raih simpati, pada mulanya, secara tidak langsung bila keluar news kata yang bom tu Islam, Islamofobia dicetuskan. Ramai mat salleh jahil jadi emotional sampai sanggup declare kalau jumpa mana-mana orang Islam dekat area dorang, dorang akan bunuh! So nampak tak permainan dia? Sama juga la kaedah orang yang tak tahu, tapi tengok ramai tukar DP, akan search, so bertambah ramai yang tahu dan akan takut dan benci dengan orang Islam.

Masalahnya sekarang, Facebook tak war-warkan pasal Turkey ni, dan tak offer nak buat DP untuk Turkey pon. Ramai, termasuk aku ni sebenarnya dapat tahu lepas 4 hari pengeboman berlaku. Dan malang jugak la rakan-rakan dalam FB aku tak banyak yang share, menunjukkan jenis kawan yang aku ada jugak la. Sebab tu pentingnya DP Turkey ni.

Banyak yang bagi alasan, konon lepas semayang dia dah doa untuk Turkey ni, aku apa tahu. Masalahnya aku kenal kau, bukan semayang sangat pon orangnya.

Kepada sesiapa yang baca post ni, tolonglah...tolong your role, jangan lupa esok kena tanya apa kau buat saat saudaramu perlukan kau? Takkan kirim doa je, ikhtiar dan usaha lain? Bukannya sakit lumpuh ke apa kan..upload selfie takde masalah pulak.

I cant recall if ive ever used this in my previous entry, but this pic speaks the real thing.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kepanasan Duniawi

Sorry lama tak update, actually hujung bulan 12 hari tu, iaitu around Xmas time sampai New Year I was on a pretty awesome adventure for 10 days in Thailand! It was awesome sebab me, along with 3 friends of mine (but all the way just the three of us girl, but the boy joined later for the peak event) menjelajah backpacker dari Hatyai ke Bangkok, ke Loei sampailah ke Chiang Khan, sempadan Laos. Main event was the hiking and camping kat Phu Kradueng! Nanti gua update, from January until now, I was busy with my stupid lovelife dan phd proposal sebab, thanks to PM kita yang potong bajet KPT, tawaran fellowship saya ditukar setelah berpenat lelah saya mencari supervisor, oh yeahhh! so, will update more later!

In the meantime, jagalah diri sewaktu cuaca panas melampau El Nino di Malaysia ini, minum air banyak, pakai sunscreen, dan jaga ibadah ewaaahhh

Ini pon sejenis fenomena jugak..fenomena eskrim sumi..konon nak buat last dapat free hehehehe